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Size Stream Body Scanner

Shape Analysis Installs a NX-16 at UNISA, Johannesburg, South Africa, November 2011 Shape Analysis after another successful scanner installation with The School of Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, May 2010

Shape Analysis  was formed in 2002 by two research scientists. The company is capitalising on their 50+ years experience of research in clothing and textiles for the Ministry of Defence.

Shape Analysis has extensive experience in the development and use of 3D capture systems. These include [TC]2 3D body scanner and now the new Size Stream scanner. Our services have been used for the National Sizing Survey SizeUK, ShapeGB & many other companies involved in the Fashion industry, Health & Fitness, Sportswear & Medical applications.

Richard Allen led the scanner benchmarking team for SizeUK which extensively tested the worlds leading whole body scanning systems. The [TC]2 scanner was chosen due to its accuracy, reliability, ease of use and repeatability of automatic measurement extraction.

We are a truly international business. Our main operations are in the UK, but we have carried out scanner installations or other projects in 6 continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America and South America.


Made to Measure  -  Brooks Brothers and Tailored For You

Virtual Fashion

Size Surveys    -    SizeUK, SizeUSA, SizeThailand, SizeMexico

Corporate Wear

Military and Civilian Uniforms

Body Armour Fitting


Fitness and weight loss or muscle gain tracking. We will shortly be rolling out health club applications for our scanners - Click Here for more details

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