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Shape Analysis Size Prediction Software

For the first time in the UK it now possible to find out what size you are in each store without the hassle of trying to figure out what size you are in each retailer. We all know that different retailers use different criteria for the fit of their clothes, this makes it very difficult to be able to shop in a wide number of stores without the hassle of working out what size to try on.

The answer is here Shape Analysis has developed software that takes the output from [TC]2  3D whole body scanner and predicts the size of clothes you should try on in one of 12 High street retailers. We have launched this software in conjunction with West Quay Shopping Centre in Southampton. From 1 Oct to 8 Oct 2006 you will be able to get this advice FREE. The process only takes a few minutes & at the end you get your own personal size recommendation, just like the one below.

The variation in sizes from retailer to retailer is enormous and trying to work out what size to try on in any particular retailer is daunting. Your personal size profile will help you overcome these problems.

For more details on the software, please contact Richard Allen -