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Shape Analysis are agents for Size Stream in Europe for scanners and software Sales

We have a Size Stream body scanner for hire & we can arrange a demonstration in London.

 If you are unable to travel to us, then we can arrange demonstrations of the software and detailed description of the scanner at a location within the UK and Europe.

Please contact us for more details:-





                   Size Stream Scanner


Made to Measure  - 

Size Surveys    -    SizeUK, SizeUSA

Corporate Wear

Military and Civilian Uniforms

Body Armour Fitting


Fitness and weight loss or muscle gain tracking.


Size Stream is a new leader in body scanning. Their 3D Body Scanner scans the whole human body in less than 6 seconds and produces a true-to-scale 3D body model within 30 seconds. The uses of the 3D Body Model are unlimited, including

bulletMade to Measure Clothing
bulletClothing sizing standards development
bullet3D product development, including clothing, automotive seating and other equipment applications
bulletBody shape analysis
bulletAnimation and graphics
bulletHealth and fitness management
bulletMedical applications
bulletComputer gaming immersion
bullet Corporate Wear
bullet Military and Civilian Uniforms
bulletBody Armour Fitting
bullet Size Surveys




Size Stream 3D Body Scanner Specifications
Physical Parameters
Inches                        Meters
Length 65 1.65
Width 42 1.07
Height 85 2.16
Sensor Configuration: 6 Angles around the body and at 5 different heights (14 sensors total)
Technology: Infrared depth sensor (not sensitive to light or color variation)
Included CPU Configuration: Intel Quad Core i5, 4 gigabytes RAM, 500 gigabytes hard drive, Windows 7 Operating System
Operational Power Requirements: < 5A, 100-240 V source supported
Setup Time from Package: 1 hour typical once familiar
Variable Height Stability Handhold:Right Hand
Privacy Curtain
Zero Square footage changing room (curtain)
Audio Instructions via Software
Auto System Alignment (with provided alignment target object)
Remote Operation option via Android or IOS phone/tablet (phone/tablet not provided)
Performance Parameters:
Scan time: 6 seconds , optional 2 second Mode (reduced quality)
Data Processing Time: <20 seconds
Circumferential Accuracy (880 mm cylinder test): < +/- 5mm
Surface data density: < 1mmX1mm, > 1 million points for full body
Scan Volume: 2m, 2.15 m (front/back) height by 0.95m width by 0.7 m max depth
Automatic Extracted Measurements: >60 measures including circumferences, heights, widths, depths, surface area and volume
Operating Environment: Indoors, Normal Office Temperatures